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Your lap times will decrease and your driving performance will improve, or your money back!

"The last mod on an autocross car--don't forget to use it."
    - Jack Mac, Tuner Transformation SpeedVision TV show

I was at Buttonwillow Raceway this past weekend. I've been tracking my car at this same track for four years now although about three years ago I installed a set of Scroth four point harnesses for both passenger and driver. I tried the CG Lock and found it quite easy to install and use. I installed it in a matter of seconds just before the instructor orientation laps. It was a good thing too because that morning I didn't feel like setting up my Scroth harnesses. In fact, once I got the CG Lock cinched down and was on track, I found that I didn't really need to use the harnesses! I ended up using the CG Lock all weekend. Great product! - Sergio

I won the Canadian CAC Nationals Championship in CSS using the CG-Lock! I am also including a shot that shows some of the CG-Lock... Note that I use a race seat with harness provisions, have a roll-bar WITH harness bar... can use a harness if I want to by the rules... and I indeed HAVE a 6-pt. camlock harness... but choose to use a CG-Lock instead. Thanks,
-Jay Watson

- Note: YET ANOTHER beneft of the CG-Lock... at a recent Pro-Solo... a buddy had his 6-pt on... and couldn't adjust shocks or tire pressures between back-to-back, head-to-head runs because there wasn't enough time to do that AND put the harness back on!

Finally had a chance to try it just this past weekend. Installation was very easy since I switched it between two cars an M3 and a Mazda RX. Took about 8 minutes to figure it out the first time and about thirty seconds switching between cars. Pretty intuitive even without the instructions. M3 has leather seats. Previously always a problem with my butt slipping on the tracks. Nice secure feeling making not only heal and toe easier but clutch work much less straining since I didn't have to constantly brace myself on every turn. Surprisingly, it made the biggest difference in the Mazda. The Mazda has cloth covered "racing" type aftermarket seats, so I thought slipping would be much less. Without the CG-Lock, the Mazda was just a little better than the M3 in terms of bracing myself. However with the GC-lock, the Mazda came alive. The combo of racier cloth seats with a tight belt made the learning curve of going faster drop much more precipitously in the Mazda than the M3. The cars are surprisingly pretty evenly matched due to the mods on the Mazda, however the feel of each is night and day different. The Mazda was twitchy where the M3 was smooth. This translated to a great need for a seat of the pants feel that the CG-lock amplified. If you don't have or want full belts, then the CG-Lock is a must. This should be on top of the Tuner Crowd's list of top "must haves" way before that trick muffler. Great product that gives a huge bang for the buck in helping you drive fast and IN CONTROL.. Thanks for letting me try it.
- Victor Pineschi

The CG Lock gave me about 70% of the security that I felt with my previous 4 point harness, at a much lower cost, much easier install, I can use it every day, and it doesn't potentially interfere with the factory safety equipment. It also avoids the debate that harnesses can potentially be unsafe in a car without a roll bar. Anyone who attends track events and does not already have a harness system should get one... Thanks,
-Mike Michael Ottati, O.D

Received my CG-Lock today. Boy, what a difference this design makes. It is a great addition to the car. I can not wait to use it on my track day in Tulsa.

I have been testing the CG Lock myself. Great product. I will be attending a Solo II here in NY this Labor Day weekend, where I will have a tent/table. I'm sure it will be a hot seller! Thank you,
- Bryan Jesia JnJ Associates

At Japfest I was offered the use of a CG-Lock when I went on the track. All I can say is I wish I had thought of it! It stops you having to brace yourself when cornering at speed and means you can concentrate on the track and any hazard that may appear (spinning EVO's). I recommend anyone planning to do any track work with only standard seat belts installed should get one.

Thanks for your note and the opportunity to try the CG-Lock. I fitted the CG-Lock to my 1998 M3 last week in anticipation of the BMW CCA Driving School at Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, CA. Installation was simple from the clear instructions and took only a few minutes (even with an interruption from my wife). Use of the CG-Lock is equally simple and intuitive, another good thing because I did not have a chance to test the application before I headed to the track. I followed the suggestion in the instructions and used the CG-Lock at slightly less than absolute tightness for the 2+ hour drive to the track. The increased stability was a benefit even for highway driving. Even in the performance seats of an M3, the reduction in movement and sliding was immediately evident. On the track at speed, the CG-Lock provides a noticeable performance advantage, virtually eliminating the slipping and sliding usually encountered using stock 3-point belts. Short of a full 5 point race harness, which is fairly impractical for a street/track car without a roll bar, the CG-Lock is a vast improvement for typical performance driving schools and lapping events. I could see where it would also be an inexpensive and quick performance enhancer for autocrosses and other street competition events, especially when compared to the 4 point add-on harnesses I usually see.

I have been using the evaluation unit you sent for the past week and I am VERY impressed with whole package. Though I haven't had a chance to test it on-track yet, it surely does offer exactly what the testimonials have already stated.

Well, interesting you should ask. I put it in my pickup for a trip to the west side of Vancouver Island to go fishing. Now that was fun. Without my ass sliding around it made the trip way more fun since the pickup is built to play like a sports car. Then when I got home I went to a Porsche track day to play & teach. It did add to the control of the car since my butt was planted and I could shift & brake without having to brace myself. I normally have a five point harness on in the car but opted to use the CG-Lock. By adding the dimension of body control by the CG-Lock I felt comfortable under hard braking & fast car maneuvers. Thank you for a great product. Now I need to get one for the pickup full time. And, I will be recommending them to the drivers I teach. Especially the Corvette owners, since their seat belts are so lame. Thanks again.
- Randy Goins Senior Instructor for Puget Sound BMW & PCA, Rose City & Inland Empire Chapters of BMW

got the CG Locks, and already Installed one on the project jeep.. (a SEMA Show Truck !! for those hearing about this the first time) Those little gadgets are the coolest thing I have EVER seen.. WOW!, what a cool idea and they work great..., They fit the driver's seat belt, just fine.. no problem. the passengers seats all use double pass tongues, but the driver's uses a normal one so no problem there, I will check with some other buddys of mine that have TJ's (wranglers) and Cherokees to see if they are all the same type of setup, I believe they are. Thanks again, and wow, those are sooo cooool..

In the July 2004 Roundel I noticed an ad for a seat belt locking device sold by CG-Lock http://www.cg-lock.com/ Looked like just the ticket to keep my butt firmly planted during driving school high speed turns. Ordered one for the driver's belt at $44.58 including shipping. Installation was very simple and straight forward. Took me about 15 minutes only because it looked too simple to be true so I took my time. And it actually does what it's advertised to do: allows you to tighten up the lap portion of the three-point belt and lock it in place. The shoulder section of the belt is free to move. I'll find out this Saturday at the Porsche Club DE how much difference it makes for high performance track driving. If you decide to order this product be sure to indicate the make and model car you plan on installing it in. Most BMW seat belts have a lip/ridge on the fastener tongue so you'll need the curved clamp version of the CG-Lock. Usual disclaimers

I just received the cg-lock and all the parts are here. I would like to thank-you for the quick response and the extra cg-lock I can't wait to use it tomorrow so I don't fall out of my seat on the auto-x course . I will recommend your company to anyone that asks

Hi there - I purchased a CG-Lock a few months ago and used it at 2 track events (street car lapping sessions) and I was amazed by its performance. It held me in the seat around the turns with not problems.

I put the CG-Lock to good use this past Saturday at Pacific Raceways while instructing with the Pacific NW Region, Porsche Club of America. Here's the observations I posted on the BMW Club Bulletin Board: gave the CG-Lock a thorough test at yesterday's PNWR Porsche Club Driver Education event Pacific Raceway. device does what it advertised to do; holds your butt tightly in seat. fairly easy operate although you must be careful move locking slide back and forth evenly. Once get hang of is very use

Great product! Your package was delivered today and thank you. You certainly exceeded my expectations. Thank you.

Maybe you remember me from 2 months ago -- I wanted a CG-Lock to use on my GT3 when I was going to Mid-Ohio. Well, I went to Mid-Ohio and used it. It definitely worked as designed: the lap stayed tight.

I have now had the CG-Lock on for a week or so and it is the best thing since sliced bread. Having grown up in the era before inertia-reel belts I have never been satisfied with the tension they provide and have been constantly tugging at my belts to try to achieve a comfortably snug feel. Now I just latch in the CG-Lock and I'm in seventh heaven!

I spent the last week at Deal's Gap and had a great time, the CG Lock was useful in keeping me planted firmly in my seat for our runs over the Tail of the Dragon.

I used the CG Lock at a track weekend this past weekend and it works quite well for me.


Thanks, terrific product by the way!

Wonderful, thanks.

Thank you very much! I can't wait to try your product out!

Thank you for the great customer service.

Thank you for your prompt response.

1st of all ... I want to Congratulate ALL of YOU on your NEW product. Of the more than 10 (Yikes) cars the I show, race and generally have fun with ... I also have 2 BMW's that I almost daily drive in a spirited way and I want to try out your CG-Locks on. They are: a 2003 M5 and a 1995 840ci.

True to your word, locks arriuved early Thursday morning. A nice product. Installed on on my '81 Alfa Spyder and the other in a 94 NSX. The third will be a present for a friend AX'er. Works well, feels good. Thanks.

Thanks for your efforts. I recieved the item two days ago and I love it.

Really does the trick. Thanks again


I received the order and it works great. It keeps me more planted in the seat and does an excellent job of keeping me from sliding around in my seat when going around a curve.

I got the shipment today. Thank you for the fast resolution of the problem.


Thank you for such prompt service.

Thank you very much

Thanks!! Quick reply!!


Thanks for your quick response.

Thanks again John, Everyone seems to genuinely like the product. All the decals are gone. It fits and works perfectly on the Acura RSX Type S. I would venture to guess this would be the same for all post-'02 Hondas/Acuras.

Thanks for the excellent customer service!

Thank you! What excellent customer service!

Thank you very much for your super fast response.

Thanks for your prompt service!

Thank You! :)

I like this product alot and would greatly appreciate the new model.

Thanks! I'm an autocross/rallycross enthusiast driver and have been using the CG Lock since it first came out.

I love the device! Yes I did get it in time.... and I really thank you for the concern and effort to make this happen. It was a terrific track day :)

I bought two CG-Locks as part of a group buy. I think almost half of our autocrossers will have one by the time he's done selling his stash!

Fits perfectly in my 2000 Ford Focus,

I love it! I've had the chance to autocross with them a few times now and they really do what you say they do, I'm really "stuck to the seat". My only problem was loosing those slides, which I will NOT DO again, I promise! I'm so satisfied with your product.

currently have a CG-Lock system on my 2002 MINI Cooper S. It's terrific in a word.!!!!!!! I unfortunaely only have (1) and it's on the drivers side. I need one for the passanger side for a track day I have comming up on this sat 6/12.@ Limerock How can I get one shipped to me to arrive by friday 6/11 latest !!!!!

Hi I recently received a CG-lock from you and installed it on my 1990 Mazda Miata. I believe that I have installed it properly and it seems to be working fine, and I love it.

First I would like to say that I am very impressed with your product. It was easy to install and operate and performs as advertised. The quality of the materials is also second to none. thank you for your support.

I was one of your first customers, I purchased two CG Locks with your special introductory offer and am generally quite pleased with your product.

I recently bought one of your CG Locks (a friend ordered a pile of them for a bunch of us who autocross together), and tried it out at an autocross event. First, I'd like to say what a fantastic product this is; I was so much more comfortable out on course, since I wasn't sliding all over my seat!

Thank you for the reply. I have just placed the order on online. I am looking forward to try it out on my up coming Solo2 event! Thanks for extending the offer to me!

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