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The CG-Lock was originally developed for people who took their daily drivers to the track or an autocross on weekends. The intent was to provide drivers with most of the control benefit of a full race harness without the hassle of having a full race harness in their every day car.

Surprise! Crash tests established that the CG-Lock would enhance seat belts for comfort, control, stability and safety resulting in a reduction in deaths and injuries in accidents. Users also found the CG-Lock to be comfortable and beneficial for every day driving, as well as for their loved ones. The net result is that the CG-Lock has beneficial applications in many other markets.

Targeted markets include:

  • Truckers and commuters use the CG-Lock all the time because a gently tightened CG-Lock takes the back strain and fatigue out of long trips (proper posture and lumbar support)
  • Police, Ambulance, Fire, First Responders and security can tighten their seat belts for enhanced control and safety
  • Military, commercial, and recreational off road drivers have better control and passengers are more stable and comfortable — even on rough terrain
  • People with low back pain cannot slouch (submarine) with a slightly tightened CG-Lock and can ride and drive in comfort because of proper posture and lumbar support
  • Folks with disabilities (amputees, paraplegics, the frail and elderly) can ride and drive with stability and comfort