Special programs

CG-LockT Money back guarantee policy
You may return a CG-Lock to Mather Automotive Innovations, Inc. for a full refund of your purchase price or a replacement if you follow the RETURN POLICY requirements described below.
. For all returns, the Return Form MUST be completely filled out and typed or printed legibly.
. If the CG-Lock fails within one (1) year for any reason other than those specifically described in this policy, you will be sent a replacement CG-Lock at no cost. Unacceptable reasons for return include damage caused by improper use (such as closing a car door on the CG-Lock or stripping the screws) and improper installation. Quality of workmanship and parts failure is covered for replacement only.
. If the CG-Lock was in use at the time of an accident, return it and you will receive a replacement at no cost. Do not use the CG-Lock after the accident. Examine the seat belt for damage (seat belts should usually be replaced after an accident, too).
. If the CG-Lock does not attach properly to your seat belt, return it within 30 days of purchase and you will receive a refund of your purchase price and the base shipping (postage) and handling fee if your receipt shows you paid one.
All other reasons for a return, and determinations of return or replacement, are at the discretion of Mather Automotive Innovations, Inc. whose decisions are final. CG-LockT

Return Policy
To return your CG-LockT for any reason, you must use the CG-Lock RETURN FORM. No other form is acceptable. The form can be found in this brochure or on line at www.CG-Lock.com
1 Complete the form as directed. Note: the information MUST be typed or printed legibly to be processed!
2 Pack the CG-Lock and the completed Return Form in an appropriate package, box or container.
3 Address the package, box or container to:

For Postal Deliveries
CG-Lock Returns
Lap Belt Cinch, Inc.
P.O. Box 1640
Hockessin, DE 19707-5640

For non-Postal Packages (e.g. Fed Ex or UPS)
CG-Lock Returns
Lap Belt Cinch, Inc.
120 Cornwall Road
Harrogate Landenberg, PA 19350-8314

4 Apply sufficient postage, obtain a delivery confirmation receipt for your own protection, and insure the package. Mather Automotive Innovations, Inc. is not responsible for lost or undelivered returns.

Return Processing Procedure:

1 Your return will be processed under the applicable "Guarantee" Policy provision.
2 You will receive your refund or replacement CG-Lock within eight (8) weeks.
3 In the unlikely event that you do not receive your refund or replacement in eight (8) weeks, contact us by letter using the address above. Include your daytime phone number or e-mail address. Include a copy of the delivery receipt.